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The public side of the Phi Psi Experience will give users access to a wealth of content and programming, but when Phi Kappa Psi undergraduates, alumni and advisors log in they are provided with access...


  • Jacob Baugher
    Cal '10

    "The most impactful aspect of my experience has undoubtedly been the bonds forged with my brothers."
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  • Michael Morin
    Loyola '11

    "My Phi Psi experience is intangible-it is in the unspoken conversation between myself and my Brothers that says I have committed myself to bettering you and you to bettering me."
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  • Matt Goldsmith
    Ashland '09

    "The Phi Psi experience, to me, helps emphasize the idea that it is not 'I was a Phi Psi.' It is 'I am a Phi Psi.'"
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  • Michael Corcoran
    Syracuse '04

    "Serving as Chapter President helped me find my own voice and style as a leader, skills which I use in my professional life today."
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  • Paul Habernig
    SUNY Oneonta '04

    "I can say that Phi Kappa Psi has changed my life, and to this day, I will never forget the effort and dedication it took to make something like this happen."
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